Student Project Initiative

UCLA IEEE’s SPI (Student Project Initiative) is a program dedicated to providing motivated students with the physical and intellectual resources they need to develop their ideal project. This document outlines the format and content requirements necessary for your project proposal to be considered for acceptance into UCLA IEEE’s SPI program. A proposal should be drafted after you have submitted your project idea using the form on the IEEE website and have the number of people you desire committed to your project of choice.

Content Guidelines

Your proposal requires a few pieces of key information to increase its chances of success. A list of this required content can be found below:

  • Name, major, and current year at UCLA for all project participants
  • Project Abstract
  • The goal of this project
  • Functional description of the project
  • Description of subsystems if applicable (block diagrams would be awesome!)
  • Preliminary bill of materials including a rough budget estimate
  • Description of design procedure is optional, but encouraged

Click here for a sample proposal.

Some Suggestions

  • Ask your project leads for any suggestions regarding your proposal
  • IEEE funded projects will remain property of UCLA IEEE
  • Keep your proposal as succinct as possible

Project Rules

  1. SPI is open to application from any student of UCLA, graduate and undergraduate
  2. IEEE will not fund school projects or projects belonging to another student organization.
  3. No project deemed dangerous shall be permitted
  4. Projects should take no longer than one academic year.
  5. Project budget shall not exceed $500.
  6. IEEE will not cover travel expenses for competitions.
  7. Funded projects must undergo periodic design reviews and have regular meetings for progress updates.
  8. All SPI members must undergo lab orientation.
  9. IEEE’s namesake shall only be used for IEEE-funded projects.
  10. UCLA IEEE reserves the right to revoke funding.
  11. Due to limited resources, not all project proposals will be approved.
  12. Be respectful of the fact that all parts and equipment in the lab are a shared resource.

Tier Descriptions

The SPI proposal has three different tiers to address the level of support appropriate for your project. Below we’ve enumerated the various benefits and restrictions of each tier:

All Tiers

– Proposal required
– Access to IEEE lab equipment

  • Soldering irons
  • Assorted hand tools
  • Dremel
  • Heat gun
  • Drill press
  • Passive electronic components
  • Breadboards (temporary use)
  • Wires, cables, and connectors
  • 3D printer (through Projects Manager)
  • CNC Mill (through Projects Manager)
  • Solder Reflow Oven (through Projects Manager)

– Access to UCLA IEEE’s parts ordering pipeline

Tier 1

  • Limited to five concurrent projects in this tier (possibly less, dependent on available funds)
  • Open to UCLA IEEE members only
  • Funded at least in part by IEEE
  • A detailed milestone timeline is required upon initial design review
  • Monthly design reviews are required, at which updated documentation must be provided
  • Frequent technical guidance will be available
  • Exceptional projects will receive recognition at the annual UCLA IEEE banquet
  • Projects going to competitions will represent UCLA IEEE

Tier 2

  • Limited to ten concurrent projects in this tier
  • Open to all UCLA students
  • Project is not owned by UCLA IEEE
  • Initial design review prior to ordering parts and up to 2 additional per quarter on request
  • Does not represent UCLA IEEE when requesting corporate sponsorship

Tier 3

  • Open to all UCLA students
  • Project is not owned by UCLA IEEE
  • Projects in this tier are not directly affiliated with IEEE