There are many ways to get involved with IEEE at UCLA from becoming one of our general members, to applying to be a part of our General Board. Read more to find out.

Joining as a General Member

The easiest way to get started with IEEE at UCLA is signing up for our mailing list (which you can do on the home page). You’ll receive weekly newletters containing information on all our projects, workshops, and socials.

The bulk of our general membership comes from being involved in our projects. We have projects that range from beginning to advanced levels of experience and welcome any field or major. Not involved in any of our projects? We also hold various workshops and socials that you can check out. Come out and make yourself familiar with everyone!

Joining Professionally

If you’re interested in being more involved with IEEE and joining the professional society external from UCLA, follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the “Join IEEE” webpage.
  2. Select the “Student/Graduate Student Membership” option (Students get an especially low membership fee of $32!).
  3. If you do not already have an IEEE account, you must make one here.
  4. Once your account has been made, fill out the fields on the “Join” application as shown on screen.
  5. Under the “Referrals” section, enter in the following:
    Referring member name: Jingtao Xia
    Referring IEEE Member Number: 92130215
  6. Click “Proceed to Checkout”, and complete your order!

Congratulations! You are now a member of IEEE!

General Board

The general board is composed of several teams:

  • Each team has 2 officers and, at most, 4 general members
  • Each team functions independently, and sticks together for 2 quarters
  • All teams will plan, organize and execute events of their choice, and come together for one Capstone Project before the end of the year.

In your team, you’ll get to set up IEEE events: