3D Printer Recognition

With the funding and support from Professor Briggs, UCLA IEEE, the UCLA High Frequency Electronics Lab, and you, the members of IEEE, we were able to purchase the Makerbot Replicator for our lab. We are excited with our 3D printer addition to our lab and expect to host new and beneficial programs for our members with it. Please keep an eye out for programs relating to our 3D printer and thank you again for all the support.

Congratulations, IEEE! This 3D printer is another example of your forward thinking and commitment to excellence, and I am happy to help out. It offers possibilities that no one has even dreamt of. So start dreaming! And doing!

-Dr. Briggs

Congratulations on your successful fundraiser! This 3D printer exemplifies UCLA IEEE’s role to provide resources to students that remain relevant and unique. I am happy to have contributed to its conception and growth, and look forward to the many opportunities that this printer will enable. Thanks for the hard work!

-Leo Szeto