Executive Committee


Name: Kevin Balke

Position: President

Year: 4th

Interests & Activities: Biking, Backpacking, Running, Programming, Kickboxing, Frisbee, EDM, Tinkering, and Teaching.

What I Like Most About IEEE: I found in IEEE something I had never been a part of before: a community of intellectuals who share a deep love of science and technology, and who each have a unique combination of interests, hobbies, personality, and character. UCLA IEEE is a point of convergence uniting all of us in the development of ourselves and each other, and the synergy and efficiency with which we solve problems together is a true thing of beauty. I see the lab and the people that populate it as my home and my family. I love the warmth, comraderie, and can-do attitude suffused into the air of the place. Though I was initially attracted to the technical aspects of participation in IEEE, I have since discovered all of the social and professional benefits of affiliation with my peers here. TL;DR: IEEE is great. Come hang out with us!


Name: Alex Sin

Position: Internal Vice President

Year: 4th

Interests & Activities: Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, SSB, CoD, Pokemon GO, KBBQ, ramen, chicken wings, self-driving cars, VR.

What I Like Most About IEEE: IEEE is the one thing that changed my life completely at UCLA. I initially joined because of NATCAR, which resembled a self-driving electric car. This experience inspired me to pursue more projects, but I realized IEEE is more than just about projects: these are great people who do great work, together. IEEE is an inclusive community where anyone can try something new, learn, collaborate, become more professional, develop friendships, and hangout. The Lab is our home, the people is our family, and we are all united by our passion in engineering and technology. IEEE made me the person I am today, which is why I am giving back so that IEEE can be one of YOUR best experiences.


Name: Wenlong Xiong

Position: External Vice President

Year: 3rd

Interests & Activities: Food (cooking and eating), Photography, Drawing, Music, Guitar, Violin.

What I Like Most About IEEE: I love the community that IEEE provides – it’s my home away from home, and a place I can go to for help if I ever have any questions (academic or personal). The organization encourages you to grow and explore, and always pushes you to do your best, even if that means you mess up occasionally.



Name: Kathleen Chan

Position: External Vice President: Hackathon Chair

Year: 3rd

Interests & Activities: Eating, Dancing, Attempting to grow succulents, Amateur Hairdresser

What I Like Most About IEEE: I appreciate IEEE because it has really helped me when I first started EE. I didn’t really know much about the major, but the people in the lab were welcoming, willing to help and giving advice. Not only that, it offers a space where one can come study or just hang out. The community that IEEE at UCLA has is beneficial as everyone works together to build themselves as well as each other, through both the projects and networking.


Name: Ted Akiyama

Position: Treasurer

Year: 3rd

Interests & Activities: Building computers, Ramen, Pusheen the Cat, Cameras

What I Like Most About IEEE: Everything I love about college is thanks to UCLA IEEE—dependable study partners, amazing friends, and lots of free T-Shirts.


Name: Karen Li

Position: Secretary

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: Music, Running, Food, Hiking, Gym, Pennyboarding (AKA Falling), Coding

What I Like Most About IEEE: When my academic advisor told me to join IEEE in the beginning of my freshman fall quarter, I had no idea how big a part of my college experience IEEE would become. Coming to UCLA with no hardware or software experience (Canada isn’t super techy), I learned so much through OPS and just by interacting with the IEEE members in general. Moreover, everyone in the club is extremely welcoming and willing to give advice, which I found really beneficial during my first year. Without a doubt, I believe that the best part of IEEE is the people, and I’ve met some of my closest friends at UCLA through IEEE.


Name: Joshua Ren

Position: Publicity Chair

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: Tennis, Photography, Outdoors, Music, Skating

What I Like Most About IEEE: IEEE is a place where I can find people with similar interests especially in areas involved with my major. The community at IEEE is second to none; it’s full of incredibly smart and helpful people. It can be hard to find other electrical engineers at such a large school and IEEE is an organization where I can find friends and like-minded peers.



Name: Allison Doami

Position: Corporate Relations

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: Elon Musk, Tesla, Rock Climbing, Dancing, Bruin Club Tennis, Videography/Photography, USA Women’s Soccer Team, and Queen

What I Like Most About IEEE: Not only is IEEE a great place to learn and grow as a student, but it is also a second home. Going from an undergraduate class of 6000 to a smaller group of 200 bright, motivated, and intelligent super-humans (that’s not an exaggeration), it’s much easier to find your niche in the engineering community. The connections you make within the club internally, and professionally, are rare to make in any other organization on campus and the amount of hands-on experience and knowledge is astounding. Overall, I couldn’t thank IEEE enough for the opportunities it has given me and the home its provided me this past year and the years to come.


Name: Christine Chen

Position: Events Coordinator

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: Ultimate frisbee, Drawing and looking at cumulus clouds/trees, Doggos, Giraffes, Orangutans, Art, Photography, Good folk (music and people)

What I Like Most About IEEE: What I love most about IEEE are the lit ultimate frisbee socials that we both host and participate in. I love that we are all able to find time in our busy engineering lives to play a sport that allows us to both bond and break stereotypes at the same time. Believe it or not, we do go outside!


Projects Committee

Name: Jiwan Kang

Position: OPS CoLead

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: Eating food (lots of em), SPORTS (soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, rockclimbing, and more), talking with friends, Corgis

What I Like Most About IEEE: I went into UCLA with minimal knowledge of Electrical Engineering. Now, although no where close to expert, these two words that are my major are starting to make more sense, which IEEE played a big role in. The organization has been the link connecting me to numerous areas outside of school academics. It has brought me new friends, assistance when needed, a place to apply my newfound knowledge, an opportunity to lead and give back, and, most importantly, confidence. By being an integral member of IEEE at UCLA, I have a community that supports one another, which allows me to be confident wherever I go.


Name: Sahil Gandhi

Position: OPS CoLead

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: MMA, Android Development, UCLA Racing, Cars, One Punch Man, Batman (and other DC/Marvel characters/shows/movies as well), Game of Thrones, Playing with new technology, Biking, Photography

What I Like Most About IEEE: Its not just the name, ranking, and curriculum that make UCLA a great place, but also the amazing student groups found on campus. IEEE is a collection of some of the smartest and most motivated students on campus and thats exactly the kind of environment that you want be in to maximize your time here at UCLA. There’s an old saying that if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re probably in the wrong room, and IEEE to me is a place where I can continue to meet others who can teach me and make me into a more accomplished person.


Name: Brandon Toy

Position: Micromouse Co-lead

Year: 3rd

Interests & Activities: Running, watching TV, archery, biking, bowling, hiking, pool, eating (esp. late night at 1919)

What I Like Most About IEEE: I probably couldn’t tell you what an electrical engineer did when I first joined IEEE during my freshman year. Someone suggested this club to me and I never looked back. It has taught me how to apply the seemingless endless and intricate concepts and formulas that the professors write on the board and I got to build really cool projects along the way. Also, the people in the lab are so supportive and incredibly smart and will help you with almost everything (even your homework :D). I am glad I could be a part of UCLA IEEE and I hope I can extend the same experience to other aspiring EE’s.


Name: Minh Le

Position: Micromouse Co-lead

Year: 3rd

Interests & Activities: AI, ML, sleep, trap, food (any), gym, math, swimming, POKEMON GO, manga

What I Like Most About IEEE: Coming into UCLA as a first year, I was unsure of my major and alone in an unfamiliar enviroment. However, joining IEEE through OPS helped change both of these things. Through a project-driven agenda and the help from motivated peers, I was able to explore both the CS and EE fields and reassure my aspirations as an computer engineer. More than just a source of technical enrichment, IEEE is a family to me, with our home at the lab and members supporting each other. From late nights fighting with pool noodles to complaining about the unintuitive Arduino IDE, I can’t imagine UCLA with IEEE.


Name: Matthew Wong

Position: C3 Co-Lead

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: Swimming, College Football, Food, Swimming, Video Games, Pokemon, Gym (not the pokemon one), Swimming

What I Like Most About IEEE: The first year of college can be stressful to anyone. There’s a new environment, new people, and a new way of life. While I was being overwhelmed with everything going on around me, IEEE was a nice place where I found I could relax in the college experience. From C3 Coding Hangouts and making friends in the lab, IEEE became my place where I could take a break from classes and pursue my passion for coding.


Name: Thomas Garcia

Position: C3 Co-Lead

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: Programming, sailing, eating

What I Like Most About IEEE: My favorite part of IEEE is the projects; I’ve gained a lot of hands-on experience from them and learned things I never would have learned in the classroom.


Name: Cullen Quine

Position: Advanced Projects Co-Lead

Year: 3rd

Interests & Activities: Sailing, Cello

What I Like Most About IEEE: UCLA IEEE offers something that very few (if any) other clubs can offer. Not only does IEEE offer an equiped workspace to work on both IEEE projects and personal electronic projects, but it is also a community of people that share a common interest for electronics and electrical engineering. Being part of IEEE has made a large school like UCLA feel very personal and welcoming and gives students the ability to utilize theoretical knowledge learned in classes in engaging, hands-on projects.


Name: Jeffrey Chen

Position: Advanced Projects Co-Lead

Year: 3rd

Interests & Activities: Photo/Video Editing, Cinematography, Saxophone, and all things Aviation

What I Like Most About IEEE: Sights with Sensei


Name: Aravind Vadali
Position: Workshops Board Chair

Year: 4th

Interests & Activities: Guitar, programming, movies, Sight with Sensei

What I Like Most About IEEE: UCLA IEEE is what happens when you take all these people who love to learn and make things and put them all together. Creativity starts flowing, new ideas are formed, gaps in knowledge are filled, and everyone comes out of it knowing more than they came in with. The number of incredible projects that come out this club’s programs, and the number of people who learn valuable engineering skills through them is enough to make me realize how great this club is, and that’s not even counting the great friendly atmosphere that turns these projects into experiences that help build friendships and makes the work we do fun.


Name: Kyle Liang
Position: Workshops Board

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: Piano, French Horn, Video Games, Biking

What I Like Most About IEEE: The IEEE lab offers that separation from casual to professional, yet paradoxically nurtures both ends of the spectrum. The people that stay connected to the lab have contributed their unique personality, making for an enthusiastic, tight-knit community. It’s the liveliness and ambition brought from our current members and alumni that inspires me and many more to continue our ties with IEEE.


Name: Arjun Boddu
Position: Workshops Board

Year: 3rd

Interests & Activities: Any ocean activity, hiking, camping, EDM, all sports

What I Like Most About IEEE: Along with the great people I have met at IEEE, the oppurtunities I have found at IEEE has been amazing. I wouldn’t have been able to gain the knowledge and hands on expereince without IEEE.


Name: Kyle Klein

Position: Project Manager (Co-lead)

Year: 4th

Interests & Activities: Hiking, Running, Film, Cooking, Travel

What I Like Most About IEEE: For me, IEEE represents a unique opportunity for personal growth. Being able to participate in such a diverse and welcoming community has been instrumental in my development both as an individual and as a student of engineering. UCLA IEEE can provide you with invaluable experiences outside of the classroom as you explore the various aspects of engineering through hands-on projects and collaborate with your fellow passionate students. Ultimately, the effect that IEEE can have on one’s time at UCLA can simply not be overstated.


Name: Bryan Emerson

Position: Project Manager (Co-lead)

Year: 4th

Interests & Activities: SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), Camping, Hiking, Tennis, Outdoors and Programming

What I Like Most About IEEE: IEEE is a family. The lab offers a unique place to meet others, work with others, and even struggle through the difficult classes with others. Each day I am allowed and encourged to challenge myself both personally and techincally. There is always another person who has a larger network or more technical skils. Each day, I can learn a new profesional skill or solve a difficult circuit problem. Everyone within IEEE loves to share knowledge.


Name: Jeffrey Chan

Position: Webmaster

Year: 2nd

Interests & Activities: Web Development, Badminton, Running, EDM, KBBQ, League of Legends, Anime.

What I Like Most About IEEE: After my first year as a member of IEEE, I began to see the similarities between it and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Dragonball Z – as long as you’re willing to put in the time, you’ll come out much stronger than before. The time I’ve spent cranking out OPS projects and working with my General Board have pushed me to reach heights I’ve never imagined. UCLA IEEE has always been my place to go to whenever I wanted to develop my skills, explore new areas of interest, or just bask in the comradery that eminates within the lab. I can always count on the people within this club to bring a smile on my face.